Sultanhodzhaev Abdumubdi Nigmanovich
(12.I 1929 - 12.I. 2013)

Born in Tashkent in the family of a worker. In 1952 He graduated from the Exploration Faculty of the SAPPI and until 1972. worked in geological and hydrogeological organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan. After graduating from the graduate school at the Department of Hydrogeology, Moscow State University, he defended his thesis, and in 1970 he graduated from Tashkent in the city of Tashkent with a doctoral dissertation on the theme “Features of the distribution and patterns of formation of groundwater in the Fergana artesian basin”. He studied the underground waters of deep horizons - as an additional source of drinking and mineral waters of the Fergana Valley. As a result of the identification of regional patterns of conditions for the formation and distribution of groundwater, a unique deposit of carbonated mineral waters was discovered, for which he was awarded the discoverer's prize. Made a scheme for the dissection and classification of artesian basins. Gave recommendations on the practical use of groundwater Syrdarya and Fergana artesian basins. For the first time in the conditions of Central Asia, radioactive and radiogenic elements were applied to solve hydrogeological problems and determine the age of groundwater, as a result of which he revealed patterns of formation and estimated groundwater reserves. Since 1972 Works at the Institute of Seismology, where he was engaged in identifying the precursors of strong earthquakes based on the study of hydrogeochemical, radiohydrogeological, hydrogeophysical and isotopic parameters of groundwater. The main results of these works were recognized by the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers on Inventions and Discoveries by scientific discovery No. 129 - “Changes in the chemical and gas composition (elements and isotopes) of groundwater in the periods preceding and accompanying earthquakes”. These studies laid the foundation for a new direction in geological science - hydrogeoseismology. He has a number of inventions that have received practical application in the national economy, for which he was awarded the “Inventor of the USSR” badge. In 1979 elected a corresponding member, and in 1989. - Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. On his initiative and with direct participation on the territory of the republic, a network of basic integrated forecasting stations has been created and is operating as the basis for organizing the service of forecasting strong earthquakes. Conducted a great scientific, pedagogical and propaganda work - sponsored the school in the Tashlak district of the Fergana region, read lectures in the TashPI. Approved as a professor.
He has published over 250 works, of which 21 monographs and one textbook. Under his leadership, defended 1 doctoral and 19 master's theses. In 1988 He is elected an honorary member of the Japan Association of Geochemical Earthquake Precursors.
He was awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor", he was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Science of the UzSSR."