International connections

International relationships

The foreign partner organizations with which close contacts are come:

Institute of Physics of Earth of RAS;

Russian state hydrometeorological university of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation,

Institute of geophysics and Planetary physics of the University of California of San Diego of the USA,

The international research center – the geodynamic ground (MNITs-GP) the Scientific station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek (

Management according to prevention and mitigation of consequences of disasters and emergency situations at the Prime minister of the Republic of Turkey

Seismological Bureau People's Republic of China, Beijing, China;

GeoforshungsZentrum, Potsdam,

Institute of seismology of MON of Kazakhstan

Institute of geology, seismology and aseismic construction of AN of Tajikistan

Institute of seismology of NAN of Kyrgyzstan;

The main scientific achievements (with foreign partners).


The network of 5 digital seismic stations, century of t is created. h 2 stations broadband and 3 short-period. Data of stations are used according to the Contract by both parties in the general processing of seismological data.

The card of vectors of modern earth movements of the region of Tien Shan is constructed.

For seismic monitoring of nuclear and chemical tests in the world, for assessment of regional and global security the National Data center of Uzbekistan (NTsD RUZ) is created. The Tashkent station No. 186, CTBTO UN is open. Employees of IS AN RUZ participate in all actions (seminars, symposiums, trainings, etc.) the CTBTO organizations.

The Uniform Catalogue of earthquakes of TsA including Uzbekistan in CSS-3.0 c 2000 format of of э is made. for 2005,

The Uniform Catalogue of large landslides with a volume more than 1 million m3 for mountainous areas of Uzbekistan is for the first time made.

Are for the first time transferred to a digital form of 16 geologic-geophysical cards in the MapInfo and Arc.View 9.1 format.

The system of automatic data transmission from seismic stations in the center of processing is created and all stations are transferred from photoregistration for a digital form of data recording.

New data on parameters and activity of the Talaso-Fergana fault are obtained.

An assessment of seismic hazard of the area of the Toktogul hydroelectric power station is given.

On November 10, 2011 GFZ donated Institute of seismology 3 sets of seismic stations with the program of data processing SeisComp3. Page of this moment the Institute joined the international network of seismic stations CAREMON

The Catalogue of earthquakes since 2000 by AD for 2011 is prepared.

The card of the seismogenerating zones of Central Asia on the basis of 3 seismic sources is created: breaks; buffer zones (analog of seismogene zones); seismoactive areas (vulgar sources) at the same time seismic potential of sources of Мmax=6.0-6.5.