ЗThe head of the laboratory is doctor of geographical sciences
Rafikov Vakhob Asomovich

The staff of the laboratory:

1. Doctor of Geological Sciences, Senior Researcher V.A. Rafikov,

2. junior researcher N.A. Rafikova

3. cartographer F. Kuziev

4. laboratory assistants - I. Bakiyev, N. Abdug'aniyev

The Laboratory of Geoecology

The priority research areas of the laboratory are:


Based on the needs of long-term planning of the development of national economic sectors, since the late 50s of the twentieth century, in the Department of Geography comprehensive economic and geographical studies of large regions of the republic have been supplied. The main objects of research were rural settlement; the identification of additional natural and economic resources for their use in the development of the national economy, the mountain glaciers of the Western Tien Shan and the Pamirs and the assessment of water resources. A number of geographical expeditions to the Fergana Valley, the lower reaches of the Amudarya, the Zarafshan Valley, and the Kyzylkum (Z.M. Akramov, A.N.Rakitnikov, S.A.Kovalev) were organized. Glaciologists of the department successfully conducted surveys in the mountains of the Western Tien Shan and Pamir. On the Abramov glacier, year-round stationary glaciological studies were organized under the guidance of V. A. Bugayev and V. F. Suslov.


In recent years, maps have been compiled:

In recent years, maps have been compiled:

Monographs are published:

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19. Publications in scientific journals:

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The main scientific achievements of the laboratory for 2009-2017.:

A mathematical model of technology has been developed, based on a comprehensive assessment of the natural conditions and resources of the desertification part of the Amudarya delta in order to introduce differentiated measures. 1. Developed principles and methods for assessing natural conditions and resources for practical purposes. A mathematical model of integrated assessment of the delta geosystems from the point of view of the development of irrigated agriculture has been developed.

2. On the basis of the developed mathematical models, the maps were compiled: “Assessment of the natural reclamation complexes of the Amudarya delta and the drying of the Aral Sea”; "Map of measures to improve the state of the natural reclamation complexes of the desertified part of the Amudarya delta".

3. Technologies have been developed to combat the desertification processes in the Southern Aral Sea region by geo-ecological regulation of risk reduction and mitigation of the consequences of natural and man-made disasters.

4. A system of constructive measures to combat desertification in the arid zone of Uzbekistan has been developed. ”

5. The effectiveness of the program and organizational and technical measures for its implementation.

6. Эффективность программы и организационно-технические мероприятия по ее реализации.